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  • Maggie Mildenberger

Winter Weather Continues to Impact the Lower 48 States

As we had reported last week, the national transportation network continues to see impacts from the winter weather across the country. 


The severe weather has already brought hazardous traffic conditions, power outages, and freezing temperatures to millions. In the upper Midwest, heavy snow, ice, and strong winds have been rampant, with the wind chill expected to reach -30 degrees on the Plains, and -50 degrees in Montana and the Dakotas, with conditions expected to extend to midweek. Further east, as Fox News reports, there are still 1800 miles of winter storm alerts, spanning from Austin, TX all the way up to New York City. 


One area we would like to note with significant logistical impacts is Tennessee, where there have been reports of flight cancellations, hazardous road conditions, and school closures, as well as multiple reports of warehouse closures for the day due to the extreme weather. FedEx, who has a major hub in Memphis, has released an active service disruption notice, stating that they have "experienced substantial disruptions […] due to severe winter weather."

We at Audit Logistics are doing our best to communicate with our carrier and warehouse partners to better understand the effects of this storm, and will do our best to provide updates on our active projects as they come available. While a majority of our freight carriers and warehouse partners in the affected regions are still open and active, operations may continue be impacted and delays incurred. Please reach out to your freight or warehouse manager if you have any questions or concerns about your current projects.



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