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Our firm works with a network of proven and experienced FF&E Installation companies nationally.

Installation Management Services

Did your hotel renovation wrap up, the GC left site, but there is still product that needs to be installed? 

  • Do you have a reliable and trustworthy logistics company to coordinate the multiple parties involved for a seamless installation? 

  • Is it time for new mattresses?

  • Do you need the guestroom safes installed?  

  • Did the desk lamps have one piece that wouldn't fit, but the replacements would not get to the site until after the renovation?

  • Maybe you need all the artwork replaced, or the public area seating needs an upgrade? 

  • Or, do you need a reliable provider to coordinate an entire public area installation?


We source and manage a local team of experienced installers that specialize in the exact work you are looking for.


Our web-based installation software also allows the installers access to electronic floor plans, FF&E specifications, and schedule details, all while providing real-time information and photos to our clients.

Installations of all sizes have various forms and levels of complexity, but with smaller installations like bed swaps, product-specific installs, or public-scope projects where there is no GC on site, there is no need to outsource an entire team.  


Audit Logistics will coordinate the efficient solution to meet your needs.


Value Added: 


Audit Logistics bids and qualifies Local White Glove Furniture Installation teams to deliver and install high-profile jobs so you don't have to. 


Verification of design intent and FF&E plans to ensure all product is safely and efficiently installed. 


We will safely distribute FF&E and remove all packaging materials. Verification of quality and operation included. 

Competent Install teams capable of installing without interrupting normal business operations. Indoor or outdoor capabilities. 

Male Movers

Final-mile deliveries with assembly and placement services available based on your needs. 


Assembly and installation of complex items like headboards, floating nightstands, wardrobes, etc. 


We will be a communication HUB and resource for the team in the field for any install-related issues, including product assembly, changing artwork elevations and locations, or any of the many unforeseen variables that can occur. 

Desert Road_edited.jpg

We take pride in offering our clients final-mile, white glove, and deluxe services to the highest standard and professionalism. 

Track project completion via Mobile Feature. 

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