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We believe in thinking differently, we understand that damages happen, we are changing the industry.

Claims Management Services

After years of planning, months of design, and weeks of production and transit, damaged product is discovered at the warehouse or jobsite. 


Our team understands scope is dependent on these items, and once deadlines pass revenue cannot be recouped after the fact.

Who is going to pay for that? 

Although uncomfortable to talk about, claims are an unavoidable reality of logistics. No matter where the fault lies, Audit Logistics has a department dedicated to quickly resolving these incidents—regardless of how major or minor. 


While less than 1.5% of all shipments are ever affected (the industry average is 3-4%), we eliminate the burden of having to negotiate with the parties at fault and work directly with the purchasing agent for quick repairs or replacements.

For your peace of mind--

  • Goods are insured for full replacement value from shipping to delivery to the jobsite

  • Investigation and processing of claims is led by the Audit Logistics project manager

  • Audit Logistics works to pay claims within 30 days of notification

  • Reporting claims on site or at the warehouse has never been easier with our Mobile Feature!


Preventative Carrier & Warehouse Standards to Avoid Potential Claims

We hold our carriers and warehouses to above-industry standards to make sure FF&E, OS&E, and construction materials arrive safe, secure, and complete. We only use carriers and warehouses who are on our approved provider list, and continually evaluate their service and performance.



  • Nothing is stacked on a truck without explicit instructions from the vendor

  • Bills of lading are signed by all parties involved in transporting the goods

  • Freight is shipped in dry vans, avoiding any potential damage from refrigerated trucks and grooved flooring



  • Audit requires that warehouses do not store any goods in vaults or stored in trailers

  • Visual inspection of cartons is required at the time of receipt

  • 24 hour turn-around to report any damages and to receive the freight into our ALOT system

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