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Our proprietary web-based system gives you the visibility you want, the real-time updates you need, and the assurance that your project is on schedule.


Exceptional in Technology

Launched in 2006

In the hospitality, retail, and restaurant industries, the project-based work depends on FF&E, OS&E, and construction materials arriving from areas all over the US and abroad.

Keeping track of items for these projects is critical, as missing or delayed items can impact and delay the opening of hotels, stores or other facilities.

Audit Logistics understands that once an opening is delayed, owners lose revenue that can never be replaced.

How does Audit Logistics track, monitor, and manage the flow of inventory to prevent surprises?

ALOT - Audit Logistics Online Tracking 

Our proprietary web-based system that focuses on project and inventory management for these time critical renovations or openings.

ALOT Computer.png

ALOT allows Audit and the client to track items from the time they leave the vendor’s dock until they arrive in the hotel, restaurant, or store for installation.


  • Customized Logins - all parties involved in a project are invited to login to our system, allowing visibility into the project for their specific areas: 

    • Client: access to ALL active projects as well as secured budget updates and reports ​

    • General Contractor: request deliveries from warehouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

    • Warehouse: update the inventory in ALOT upon receipt of goods, invoicing, and claims 

  • Real Time Updates - ALOT is an online logistics management system and is always LIVE! 

    • Shipment tracking updates ​

    • Delivery Arrival Alerts

    • Proof of Delivery 

    • Warehouse Receiving 

      • All processed in real-time with no delay ​

  • Automated Project Expediting:

    • Online login for  manufacturers to update the status of their orders

    • Expediting Portal used by Audit Logistics to provide scheduled updates of purchase order status 

  • Custom Reporting: 

    • Project-specific Inventory as well as nationwide inventory status for multiple locations ​

    • Real-time budget updates for freight and warehousing 

    • Tracking reports by purchase order or project 

    • Project summaries containing details for entire projects, including all purchase orders 

  • Online Proofs of Delivery: 

    • Our clients can view all proof of delivery documents at the click of a button. ​

Audit Mobile


Audit Mobile was launched in 2019, offering our clients: 

  • Faster and more efficient project handling from start to finish

  • Instant photo uploads

  • Real- time project updates

  • More accurate claim documentation

  • Access from ANYWHERE

Everyone, from the freight carrier to the general contractor, can access our Mobile Feature on their smartphone, tablet or other mobile device!


Instantly upload a photo from your phone to the project team.


Write comments and notate details of the photo uploaded. 


Reference your specific project and item. Find projects based on your proximity to the site. 

ALOT Mobile.png


Submit photo report direct to the project team. Review a list of submissions when needed.

Project Dashboard


Audit's Project Dashboard was launched in 2020, offering clients easy access to project-specific data and reports.


  • Project Manager contact information for each project 

  • Local weather per project location; including any weather concerns in the area 

  • Any at-risk shipments

  • Upcoming warehouse deliveries 

  • Monthly storage breakdown

  • Current weight in the warehouse 

  • FF&E in transit to job site, warehouse, or manufacturer, etc. 

  • FF&E delivered to job site, warehouse, or manufacturer, etc. 

  • Daily Weight Received at warehouse 

  • Daily Weight Delivered from warehouse

  • View Project Inventory 

  • Access to Project Photos uploaded via the Mobile Feature

  • Access any claims and status 


Project Labeling Services

Audit's Project Specific Labeling Services - Launched in 2020!


  • Custom Project Specific Labels are printed in-house 

  • Audit Logistics ships the labels to the project warehouse prior to receiving any FF&E 

  • All incoming FF&E will receive a label 

  • Assures that your product is easily identifiable in the warehouse 

  • Each label is equipped with a QR Code that brings the user directly to ALOT

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