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  • Maggie Mildenberger

A Cold and Snowy January Predicted to End with a Thaw

Winter weather continues to impacts the national transportation network. 


As reported by the New York Times, most of the country is expected to see freezing temperatures in the coming days, marking the fifth winter storm that most states have experienced this month. The extreme cold has already hit the Pacific Northwest into the Midwest, and continues to move east, having left over 100,000 people in Oregon without power and hazardous road conditions across multiple counties, and is expected to bring snow, freezing temps, and hazardous road conditions from Iowa to New Jersey into the weekend. We continue to see service advisories from LTL Carrier Estes Express, UPS, and FedEx coast to coast, meaning potential delays across a number of overland freight services. 


There is, however, some good news on the horizon. NOAA predicts after the weekend temperatures are expected to climb across the country, with much of the US expected to experience "above average temperatures" through the end of the month. 


Audit Logistics will continue to monitor the winter weather and any delays to overland travel it may bring. Please contact your freight manager or warehouse manager should you have any questions about specific shipments or projects.


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