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  • Maggie Mildenberger

Breaking News: Container Ship Collapses 1.6 Mile-Long Bridge in Baltimore

Early this morning, March 26th, container ship Dali sailed into one of the support pillars of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge. The incident occurred shortly after departing the Port of Baltimore, bound for Siri Lanka. Emergency personnel are on the scene, with search and rescue underway, but this situation will take time to resolve due to the scale of the debris from the 1.6-mile-long bridge.

Maryland Transportation Authority has stated that “All vessel traffic into and out of the port would be suspended until further notice”. We are working to get updates on terminal openings for trucks picking up or delivering containers.

Any vehicle traffic that would’ve crossed the bridge will need to be diverted potentially causing delays in and around Baltimore. We are working with our vendors and shippers to understand the scope of the impact to road and vessel traffic involving Baltimore on our active projects. Please reach out to your freight manager if you have any specific questions.


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