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  • Maggie Mildenberger

Hurricane Idalia and Southeast U.S. Ports

Hurricane Idalia is currently tracking to make landfall across Florida starting Wednesday, August 30th. 

In preparation, ports throughout the southeast U.S. have begun altering their regular operations schedules as follows:

  • Port of Tampa is CLOSED

  • Port of Jacksonville OPEN, preparing to close

  • Port of Savannah is CLOSED to inbound vessels

  • Port of Charleston OPEN, preparing to close

Audit Logistics is continuing to monitor the situation, and we will keep an eye on the severity of the storm as it moves across the state. Delays are expected, and the situation at any individual port may change quickly.  Looking for more information to track Idalia yourself? Use NOAA or the Weather channel.

For those with container traffic in the region, your freight manager will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on any affected containers; please reach out to them with any questions.


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