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  • Maggie Mildenberger

Estes Express Update - Back Up & Running

An update on our post from last week, Estes Express has continued to recover from the cyber attack that occurred on Monday, October 9th. Audit Logistics has been closely monitoring their recovery efforts, and we can now confirm that they are able to fulfill our standards of tracking and visibility with their restored systems. As a result, we are once again utilizing their services, and have taken them off of ‘No Load’ status.

Earlier this week, we made sure to test their systems with a few orders to ensure quality and visibility before fully re-integrating them into our network. Given the success of these tests, we are confident that their team will continue to deliver the high-quality customer service and visibility Audit Logistics requires. As we have seen throughout this difficult technology outage, the Estes network continued to deliver freight in their network on time in spite of their technology issues.

As stated by President Webb Estes yesterday, one of the systems still waiting to be restored is the invoicing system. We are working with our team and our customers to ensure no issues arise on our shipments as a result.


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