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  • Maggie Mildenberger

Audit Gives Back to Indian Peaks Elementary School

🍎 Did you know it is Teacher Appreciation week?

Ms. Sarah Olivares, Media Tech and Librarian at Indian Peaks Elementary School in Longmont, CO, supports her students and fellow teachers by giving them access to books, technology, an Innovation Lab, and so much more.

Audit Logistics had over 150 books donated directly from employees our Louisville Office.

  • Of those books, over 30 will be going directly to Indian Peaks Elementary to use in their library and their classrooms.

  • Audit kept about 75 books to fill up our in-office bookshelf.

  • The other books were sold/donated, and were combined with employee donated funds to give back directly to Ms. Olivares to buy new books!

Thank you for all you do Ms. Olivares!

And thank you teachers, we appreciate all you do!


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