We offer 3rd party Warehouse Management Services to various industries. 

Audit Logistics is a non-asset based company, offering 3rd party Warehouse Management services to various industries.  We are not affiliated with any warehouse chain or brand, giving us the ability to be objective and to work with the most qualified facility near your project.

Specializing in hotel or roll-out projects, our company utilizes a web-based perpetual inventory system, known as ALOT. 


ALOT features web-based logins for our warehouse partners, purchasing agents, installers, and General Contractors.  This includes the ability for all parties to enter in real-time delivery requests, 24/7. 

Our warehousing team, with over 75 years of combined experience, works diligently at the front-end of projects, anticipating any hurdles, implementing solutions before obstacles arise, and, ultimately, reducing costs for our client.  

Similar to our standard Freight model, Audit Logistics is 100% transparent, with compensation based on a disclosed, up-front professional fee.  No markup is ever added to the cost of warehousing

Some of our clients, however, prefer us to provide lump-sum pricing that encompasses the fee -- we are happy to suit our service to your needs!


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