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got leftovers?

Published on October 29, 2019

Is your hotel renovation wrapping up, the GC left the site, but you still have inventory remaining in the warehouse?

We have been successfully managing freight and warehousing on hotel renovations for nearly 20 years and it is not uncommon that a renovation finishes with leftover inventory in the warehouse. 

So, we did some research, and here is what we found: 

THE BIGGEST Culprit: Carpet Pad

Did you know? 

On average, carpet pad should be ordered at a deficit of 10% to carpet.

The last thing you want at the start of a renovation is not enough carpet pad, but do you have a plan when you are left with too much?

Audit Logistics has the solution to your problem!

When managing hotel improvement projects we are often easily consumed with brand approvals, getting orders in to meet deadlines, long lead times, receiving product, turning rooms efficiently, etc.

Fast forward... and all of a sudden, your project is wrapping up and you have all this remaining inventory sitting in the warehouse.

All you can think about is:

At that point: 

1. Can the remaining product be used at another one of your properties? Was there a brand change mid-renovation that caused the surplus of items? 

2. Is the product still in good condition? 

3. Perhaps you can use it at another property, but the renovation doesn’t start for a few months.

NOTE: It may be more cost effective to transfer the goods to that location, close down the current project, and open the warehouse early on the next. 

The last thing you want? 

Additional storage fees eating into your budget! 

Leave the logistics to Audit! 

If the remaining items can be used at another property: 

  • Audit will schedule pick-ups and deliveries for the transfer. 

If the product is still in good conditionbut you do not have a use for it:

  • Rather than disposing of the goods at a landfill, Audit Logistics will work with local charities to donate the items to an organization in need.

  • We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity, among other charitable organizations, on several projects in the past! 

Something we can ALL FEEL GOOD about!

If you can use the product at a different property but the renovation is still a few months out:

  • Leave it to us to find the most cost effective solution. 

Audit Logistics' approach to freight and warehouse management centers solely on our fiduciary duty to our clients, and all decisions are based on what is in our client's best interest.


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